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PCB is an Austrian consulting and private equity company that builds partnerships based on strong relationships

At PCB we are dedicated to enhancing enterprise value and offering security of investments to our clients. We have over 30 years of experience in developing investment strategies for our clients and partners in the energy, infrastructure, automotive, and transportation industries on an international level. This encompasses a range of activities from securing financing from banks, investing in companies directly or by using the PCB network to support client’s expansion goals.

Our clients come from a variety of organisations ranging from financial institutions, entrepreneurs to international corporations. We have an open-minded approach and excel at finding creative financial and business solutions for our clients. In addition, PCB’s extensive international network allows us to build relationship bridges, which enables us to provide custom solutions that make a difference to business growth. Depending on clients needs we also take interim management positions in order to ensure the efficient implementation of devised strategies.



We specialize in the energy, automotive, infrastructure and real estate development industries on a national and international level.



Our expertise and network expands from Austria to Europe and North America.



Because our clients needs are as diverse as the companies they represent we have a flexible approach to tailoring our services.



Our extensive network is what makes PCB unique and we are proud of the strong relationships we have established over the years.