Relationships are the foundation of our business

The selection of experts we have the pleasure of collaborating with are a vital part of our management process

Centris Capital represents a new investment culture and a change of perspective of standard market evaluation. The Vienna investment house explicitly chooses to move away from conventional structures and approaches. They work off side of standard market methods, ignore outdated patterns of thought thereby gaining a resolute competitive advantage.
CROSS Industries AG is an industrial holding group, strategically and operatively focused on the automotive sector. The major core competencies of the group lie in the marketing, development and production of complete vehicles with two, three or four wheels; future-oriented light-weight components; composite technology and high tech components made out of special alloys for drive trains for racing, power sport vehicles and the aerospace industry.
Cudos Group consists of a group of entrepreneurs and financial industry professionals that have a hands- on approach and aims to achieve outstanding returns. They provide funds and expertise to companies in Central and Eastern Europe, helping them create lasting value through growth and profitability.
Convalue is managed by an experienced entrepreneurial team and applies a management active investment approach. Their transactions range up to EUR 50m and use private investors with a strong sense of entrepreneurialism.
EOSS is made up of entrepreneurs, managers, investors and above all partners in developing companies for successful growth. Founded in 2003, we are an independent holding company based in Austria providing funding, management know-how, strategic exchanges and opportunities to broaden our partners perspectives.
UIAG is a mid-market publicly listed company that participates operatively in middle-sized companies. As an active investor with a long-term investment horizon, UIAG looks for national and international middle-size industrial companies for its portfolio.